The Shift / AAU

The Shift is a project developed during the 48-hour exploratorium “Vizarts” held by Aalborg University’s teachers, volunteers and former students of Medialogy MA program.

The task was to work in groups to create a narrative through a virtual location without recurring to any character, using the technology/techniques provided by Vizarts’ workshops and HyperTalks, but not limited to them. Then, create a 1-minute demo.

The main idea of The Shift is to explore adaptative storytelling through the creation of a BCI based video game, based on real-time EEG data recorded by NeuroSky MindWave2 headset. Then, visualize the input data which was assigned to a specific object. This use of brainwaves would be scalable to other functions in the future.

We wanted to showcase how physically things change depending on how we look at them, graphically in this change was the size of the sphere.

Based on this exploration, the concepts and visual identity of The Shift were designed, exploring simulations of VR experiences, graphic composition and visual effects. Which afterward were combined to the design of the demo soundtrack, created with the data of beta waves.

Special thanks to The Shift team, collaborators and Vizarts team!