Alejandra Mesa

I’m a digital and graphic designer with working experience in motion graphics, art direction, and digital design. I have worked with multinational companies, digital agencies, small businesses, and exhibitions.

In my search for creative challenges, I ended up studying for a Master’s degree in Medialogy (i.e Media Technology, also known as New Media) in Copenhagen, where I’m permanently based. My studies have allowed me to find a new passion for UI design, UX design, and AI that I combine with my work experience and passion for graphics and motion design. I’m graduating in June 2021.

As a curious person, I enjoy learning about new trends in visual design and the tech ecosystem. Lately, I’ve been learning how to design, produce and implement interactive experiences using Unity Game Engine, such as games and Augmented Reality applications. My main focus is to design, produce and implement the graphic virtual elements as well as the UI, based on UX design principles.

At the workplace, I put the project’s needs first, considering the communicational goals and customers’ needs, before the embellishment of the product. I strive to balance the aesthetic aspects with the usability, UX and deadlines to be met.

I enjoy collaborating with colleagues from different areas of expertise because I can learn from them the most!  But I also enjoy having my own time working independently, to focus on every detail of the graphics and animations I work on.


English, Spanish, Italian and I’m studying Danish.

Work Experience

09. 2020 – 01. 2021


Fabula Studios – UX/UI design intern

  • Developing an AR  experience for Tidslommen (App) by Museum West Zealand.
  • Prototyping User Experience solutions.   
  • 2D Illustrations for The Knomes Card Game (AR Mobile game)

01.2019 – 04.2019

CMPC (Create It) –  Motion Graphics Designer

  • Motion graphics for online videos.

01.2019 – 02.2019

Allumette –  Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Brand identity, stationery, and web design for a Danish journalist.

11.2018 – 02.2019

Scandinavian Guides –  Graphic Designer for a Danish tourism company.

  • Graphic and audiovisual content production for Social Media.
  • Graphic design for printed corporate material.
  • Website update with new graphic content.

05.2017 – 02.2018

Múltiple –  Art Director and Motion Graphics Designer in a creative agency.

  • Design of visual identity for online videos.
  • Motion graphics design and production of graphic assets for online videos, launched weekly.
  • Motion tracking for online videos.
  • Planning the production pipeline for audiovisual content, alongside chief copywriter, pre-production team, and producers.

05.2017 – 02.2018

Mampato –  Graphic Designer in the Marketing team for amusement park.

  • Graphic design and image editing for printed corporate material.
  • 2D assets production and storyboards for audiovisual content.
  • Signage design for amusement parks in collaboration with the risk prevention team.
  • Graphic design for promotional events.

05.2017 – 02.2018

Venice Bienalle 2016: Ephemeral Urbanism: Cities in Constant Flux – Animator for Installation 

  • Animation of digital archive material for architecture pavilion. 
  • Adaptation of graphic material for animation.
  • Collaboration with architects and designers from Harvard Graduate Design School and Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.

06.2014 – 06.2015

Universidad Diego Portales – Teaching assistant for Graphic Design software courses.

  • Assisting national and international students to develop tasks assigned by the lecturer.
  • Assisting the lecturer with homework corrections and lecture preparation.
  • Responsible for the English translation of the class.


09. 2019 – present

Medialogy MSc – Aalborg University Copenhagen

Developing and evaluating the science and technology behind advanced interactive digital media products.

03. 2010 – 04.2015

Graphic Design Bachelor –  Universidad Diego Portales

I acquired a domain of theoretical, technological, and practical tools in diverse design domains. I worked in interdisciplinary contexts providing specific solutions that contribute to society. I focused my interest in motion graphics, illustration, and graphic design for traditional and new media.

Note: Bachelors in Chile take 5 years.

05. 2015 – 06.2015

3D modelling and animation –  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Short course for graduates with a background in graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and architecture.